July 6th 2017, at the University of San Diego, the 2nd International Solar Fuels Conference will commence. The next 4 days will be filled with presentations and demonstrations of cutting-edge work by professors, researchers, and industrial specialists from across the US and around the world. Attendees are experts in their fields and they represent the many disciplines relating to solar fuels research. Presentations and discussions will cover a range of topics from biological approaches to more purely chemical pathways to technoeconomic analysis of current market positions, there will be something for everyone at ISF-2.

This intense 5-day event is an excellent opportunity for those in the solar fuels field to connect with peers, develop collaborative research projects, and discuss results with other like-minded individuals.

Prior to the commencement of ISF-2 a satellite meeting directed at early career researchers will also be held at UCSD – ISF-2 Young. This conference is a unique opportunity for early career scientists to present research to their peers and engage each other more directly. The informal gathering sessions, a staple of the ISF-Young conference series, enable attendees to network and initiate collaborative discussions with peers from other disciplines and around the world.

The abstract submission deadline, for both conferences, is March 31st, 2017. Early bird registration is available until March 31st, as well.

Conferences like ISF-2 and ISF-2 Young are great opportunities to build connections and commence collaborations. SOFI is honored to sponsor both of these events and we look forward to seeing you in San Diego this July.