A common practice in the financial industry that has been adopted by the oil industry, among others, is the “deal toy” or Lucite tombstone. When a deal or transaction has been completed, a tombstone commemorates the details of the transaction. In the case of an oil company, often the the first drops of oil from a new well are encased in the tombstone, along with details about the well. The tombstone signifies success and productivity.

SOFI has created its own version of this fossil fuel industry practice, but ours represents the bright future of clean, green, carbon-neutral fuel from sunlight. The SOFI cube contains the first drops of a revolution in the energy industry.

We believe one day solar fuels will replace dirty fossil fuels, and we’re working hard to get this energy to the consumer. You may not be able to fill your car’s gas tank up with solar fuel yet, but you can have a SOFI cube.

The SOFI cubes will be available as merchandise during our Kickstarter campaign. Please check back here regularly, as we’ll have announcements about the launch of the campaign.

In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase SOFI cube, email info@solar-fuels.org.

Here’s to the solar revolution!