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SOFI is excited to announce our sponsorship of ISF-1 Young, the Young Researchers Pre-Conference associated with ISF-1. ISF-1 Young will bring together 100 early career researchers who are actively engaged in research directed at achieving a liquid fuel from the sun. These young experts in their field will convene at Angstrom Laboratory the 24-26th of April 2015 to exchange ideas and establish new collaborations to advance the field of solar fuels.

Solving the global energy crisis isn’t going to happen overnight. And it is unlikely that a single research group will develop the next solar fuels technology. Tackling today’s scientific problems requires teamwork and collaboration. To facilitate this, SOFI has established an Exchange program.

Funding is in place for researchers to travel to another lab, or research institution, where they can interact with with experts unavailable to them at their home institution. Round trip travel to the site, lodging, as well as living expenses (for up to 3 months) are covered in a SOFI Exchange. By encouraging collaboration SOFI is changing the way science is done, moving beyond a single lab and into a community of experts working together to solve a global problem.

SOFI encourages all interested ISF-1 Young participants to submit a brief paragraph regarding a proposed collaboration that could be funded as an Exchange. Additionally, if you are interested in sharing your specific expertise with the general community, please contact SOFI and express your interest in this area. SOFI is always looking for experts in fields impacting solar fuels! Be sure to include your contact information in the email to ensure SOFI personnel can reach you!

Exchange proposals, expertise sharing, and questions should be sent to with “ISF-1 Young:Participation” as the first part of the subject.

We can’t wait to see you at ISF-1 Young!

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