Kickstarter campaign

There’s no doubt about it, we have a carbon dioxide problem, and burning fossil fuels is to blame. But we don’t have to keep using this dirty energy source. We want you to join us in creating a new energy future.

With our Demo Project, we’re creating the first drops of liquid fuel made directly from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide, using artificial photosynthesis – nature’s blueprint for energy generation. But we can’t do it without your help. Your donation to our Kickstarter campaign will help fund the engineers, materials and overhead associated with building this device.

When you support this campaign, you’re helping us get on track for a sustainable future. One day you could be pumping a solar fuel in your car, you could be flying in a plane burning a solar fuel, or you could be powering your home using a generator running on solar fuel. But we need you to help us take this carbon neutral energy source into the marketplace.

We’ll announce the launch of our campaign soon. Stay tuned!

Let’s kick our fossil fuel habit and start burning liquid sunlight. Support our Kickstarter!