It has been a while since we updated you on our progress with the SOFI Knowledge Map. We have been hard at work all summer building our Data Entry portal, and just received feedback on its initial test run.

While we work on incorporating the feedback from our dedicated team of beta testers, we want to give you a peek into the on going development.

In July, Dick Co met with the Royal Society of Chemistry and Nature Publishing Group to discuss how SOFI can work with authors to capture data from papers as soon as they are published. This is an essential next step, because the publication rate of solar fuels related manuscripts as been increasing over the past 1.5 decades!

Search data from Web of Science 09-25-2015

Search data from Web of Science 09-25-2015

Keeping up with the literature is becoming increasingly difficult. Of the over 5000 papers published on “water oxidation” nearly 720 were published in 2015 (as of mid-August 2015)! To keep up with solely “water oxidation” publications you would have had to read over 22 papers a week. Now consider the other areas where you may have interests: photovoltaics, hydrogen production, CO2 catalysis. Attempting to stay “current” in all these areas means reading upwards of 220 papers per week! With research, mentoring of younger scientist, teaching, and a myriad of other commitments reading ALL the relevant literature is out of the question.

But, what if authors could enter data directly into the SOFI Knowledge Map? This would make their newly published data searchable in the SOFI database, and it would enable other researchers to “preview” the paper, ultimately saving time by allowing researchers to choose papers that are more relevant to their work.

Additionally, partnering with your colleagues, via the SOFI Knowledge Map, would provide a tool to save and share the relevant pieces of information from the papers each of you do read.

Everyday we are getting closer to launching the Data Entry portal for the SOFI Knowledge Map. When we do we hope you will take some time to test it out, enter data from some of you own papers, and let us know what you think.

Until then, please excuse our dust as we continue to develop the SOFI Knowledge Map as a platform to increase your productivity and accelerate the field of solar fuels research.