Charles Dismukes, professor of chemistry at Rutgers University, a SOFI member institution, is pursuing a promising industry collaboration.

Dismukes plans to work with Proton Onsite, a company that manufactures hydrogen, nitrogen and purified air generators, to test novel catalysts for solar fuels technology. “It’s really an ideal collaboration,” Dismukes says. His group at Rutgers will be providing the catalysts, while Proton Onsite will provide the electrolyzer, a device necessary for testing the catalysts. “SOFI provided the mechanism for collaboration,” Dismukes explains. Dismukes’ project is a public representation of SOFI’s mission to drive collaboration across organizations. He and SOFI hope it will positively impact federal funding for solar fuels technology. Dismukes is pursuing an NSF grant, as well as funding from Rutgers to support the project. “I’ve used the SOFI program as leverage to seek federal funding,” he says. “What SOFI does an absolutely superb job of is communicating the urgency and the need for solar fuels. We look to them for leadership in that.”