The SOFI team dreams big. We believe the development of a carbon neutral solar fuel is the greatest energy opportunity of our lifetime. Using just sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, we can create a clean liquid fuel that could someday power our cars, airplanes, and homes without contributing to climate change. But it won’t happen without a commitment to supporting research and collaboration. Our members include academic pioneers and industry leaders who are dedicated to working together, with us, to shape a new energy landscape. 


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Imagine if all it took was sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create a liquid fuel that could power our cars and planes. We’re working to make this a reality. SOFI’s Demo Project is a cutting edge partnership between scientists, engineers, and businesspeople dedicated to creating a first of its kind integrated system that makes fuel from sunlight. But we can’t do it without your help!

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Get your piece of the solar revolution

A common practice in the financial industry that has been adopted by the oil industry, among others, is the “deal toy” or Lucite tombstone. When a deal or transaction has been completed, a tombstone commemorates the details of the transaction. In the case...

the First international solar fuels conference

April 26 – May 1, 2015 in uppsala, sweden

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“Because SOFI is scouting the industry for promising technologies instead of pitching its own wares, it represents an ideal partnership target.”

Lux Research “Alternative Fuels Journal” 9-2013