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make a carbon neutral fuel from

sunlight, water and air.

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The SOFI team dreams big. We believe the development of a carbon neutral solar fuel is the greatest energy opportunity of our lifetime. Using just sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, we can create a clean liquid fuel that could someday power our cars, airplanes, and homes without contributing to climate change. But it won’t happen without a commitment to supporting research and collaboration. Our members include academic pioneers and industry leaders who are dedicated to working together, with us, to shape a new energy landscape. 

SOFI at the United Nations

SOFI Managing Director Dick Co was invited to speak at the United Nations Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum on Sustainable Development Goals.

“…make government funded research massively more accessible for innovators around the world.”


Putting “CO2 Back to Work” was the topic of a New York Times Science piece quotes SOFI’s Dick Co:

“The big challenge is, how do we go from milligrams to megatons?…How do we make a dent in our energy portfolio when people are working in test tubes today?”

Viktor Koen

Viktor Koen

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Knowledge Map

SOFI Knowledge Map: Have you ever wanted to be able to organize all of the information from the research publications you read? Check out the SOFI Knowledge Map. It uses a custom solar fuels taxonomy to help capture and organize the data, facts, and metrics in solar fuels literature.


Demonstration Project

SOFI Demonstration Project: We have a 4 phase plan in place to build this initial version on a demonstration scale to utilize solar power, water, and carbon dioxide to produce methanol. One attractive feature of the SOFI Demo Project is that the entire system is modular. This provides the opportunity to understand and overcome the challenges of building an integrated unit, as well as to partner with frontline researchers and engineers to incorporate new technologies as the field develops. SOFI’s goal is to seed many versions of the Demo Project, where we are able to move technologies from research labs to a demonstration scale testing module by proving the field with performance metrics and access to hands on time with an operating integrated system. We know the SOFI Demo Project can assist and accelerate laboratory research through collaboration and community development.

From the Blog

Collaboration is Key

Last week Prof Hammarström published a Perspective in Chem, on the important roles of catalysis and solar fuels in meeting our future energy needs. One of our favorite quotes from Prof Hammarström’s piece is: “The challenges and opportunities for solar fuels are great, and we need a long-term and...

CO2 Capture Companies who are Changing the status quo

Earlier this year (2105), the Carbon XPRIZE was announced. Taking a hint on how a successful XPRIZE’s impact a market from the Ansari XPRIZE for space travel, in 2017 we can expect to see more carbon capture companies venturing into the CO2 marketplace. By utilizing the CO2, rather than...

US DOE Carbon Dioxide Utilization Funding

August 8th, 2016, the US Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory published the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) DE-FOA-0001622, an announcement directed at developing technology for CO2 capture and utilization from flue gas of coal fired power plants. Rather than sequester the CO2, DOE is encouraging the...

“Because SOFI is scouting the industry for promising technologies instead of pitching its own wares, it represents an ideal partnership target.”

Lux Research “Alternative Fuels Journal” 9-2013