We’re a global team of scientists with one goal:

make a carbon neutral fuel from

sunlight, water and air.

Help us fight climate change and solve the energy crisis. Join us.

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The SOFI team dreams big. We believe the development of a carbon neutral solar fuel is the greatest energy opportunity of our lifetime. Using just sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, we can create a clean liquid fuel that could someday power our cars, airplanes, and homes without contributing to climate change. But it won’t happen without a commitment to supporting research and collaboration. Our members include academic pioneers and industry leaders who are dedicated to working together, with us, to shape a new energy landscape. 

“I want Americans to win the race for the kinds of discoveries that unleash new jobs: converting sunlight into liquid fuel – President Obama, State of the Union

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From the Blog

Knowledge Map Update: September 2015

It has been a while since we updated you on our progress with the SOFI Knowledge Map. We have been hard at work all summer building our Data Entry portal, and just received feedback on its initial test run.
While we work on incorporating the feedback from our dedicated team of beta testers, we want to give you a peek into the on going development.

3 Recent Solar Hydrogen Device Developments

Late summer 2015 has seen the publication of 3 different devices for solar water splitting. These 3 publications, from three different continents, illustrate the global investment in moving to a carbon free (or at least carbon neutral) fuel. They also provide a unique opportunity to compare the reported devices side by side.

“Because SOFI is scouting the industry for promising technologies instead of pitching its own wares, it represents an ideal partnership target.”

Lux Research “Alternative Fuels Journal” 9-2013