On June 11th – 13th SOFI will hold its annual meeting in Uppsala, Sweden.


SOFI members and prospective members will gather for roundtable discussions and presentations from the SOFI staff. About 25 participants are slated to attend from countries around the world, including Sweden, the UK, France, Germany, Korea, and the US. Topics on the agenda include developing incentives to help drive research and collaboration, increasing cross discipline interactions, economic impacts of Solar Fuels research, and moving beyond the lab bench to commercialize current Solar Fuels technologies. The meeting will be held at the Uppsala Konsert och Kongress (UKK), and architectural gem, which opened its doors in 2007. It “is a true juxtaposition to the rest of the architecture in Uppsala. The modern glass and metal cube sits on the east side of the river, opposite the Castle and Cathedral,” says SOFI’s Amanda Smeigh. This will be the first of SOFI’s annual meetings held outside the US, and Uppsala will make an excellent location. Attendees should be able to enjoy beautiful weather, outdoor dining, and a relaxed, walkable city. The SOFI team is looking forward to the meeting, and updating its members on its results.


Prospective member? Questions? Contributions?

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