SOFI Knowledge map

Published research is a critical foundation on which developments in any scientific field depend. But what about all the results that go unpublished? What about lab notes, slide decks, proposals and meetings? What about the hours spent sifting through the published research for the paper with that one specific metric?

SOFI believes that all this information has value, that rejected research or scribbles in a notebook could prove useful tools for a scientist struggling with some aspect of solar fuels research. Your time also has value, and those hours spent reading irrelevant manuscripts could be better spent in the lab working toward your next breakthrough.

So we’re developing a Knowledge Map of solar fuels research – a searchable database of all the studies, notes, comments, and other information we can get our hands on. SOFI’s Knowledge Map will include salient metrics in a simple table format, so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

The Knowledge Map represents SOFI’s commitment to developing a new paradigm in solar fuels research.

Whether you are searching for the over-potential of a water oxidation catalyst or the solar-to-fuel yield of the most recent artificial photosynthetic system, the SOFI Knowledge Map will provide this information in an intuitive format.

Our process in creating this database is inspired by several highly successful efforts in other sectors: Netflix’s “re-engineering” of Hollywood, Missing Measurement’s efforts in predictive analysis of the impact of social programs, and Pandora’s music recommendation process. Leveraging the power of the internet will allow solar fuel researchers to work more effectively and with greater impact.

The field-specific data housed in the Knowledge Map will be obtained from dedicated experts in their field, including:

  • catalytic processes such as hydrogen production, water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction
  • light harvesting
  • integrated device engineering.

As the field of solar fuels research expands, SOFI will be working to engage publishers to encourage a standardized method for reporting the many technical details associated with catalysts, light management, and device development. We believe that standardization can have a positive impact on research, integrity, and collaboration.

SOFI’s Knowledge Map database will be fully accessible to our community, who can use the sophisticated search tools being developed by experts on the SOFI team. If you are interested in testing out the SOFI Knowledge Map as we finish development visit: