Tell Us About It

Tell Us About It

For the past two years, SOFI has been blogging about the things we think are interesting, challenging, and exciting. We appreciate every click, view, and interaction with our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog; over 15,000 in all in the past 12 months!

Now, we want to know what YOU want to read about on the SOFI blog.

Are there topics you are interested in that we haven’t covered or issues you would like more details about? Tell us! We are taking suggestions for future blog posts.

We enjoy researching these topics; they introduce us to researchers, industry leaders, new techniques and materials, and emerging directions in the field of solar fuels. When we blog about a proposed topic, you can continue to expect accurate and reliable information.

We look forward to bringing content you are interested in to our blog and to the solar fuels community.

Use the comment section below, contact us via email, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook with #SOFIBlogTopic. We look forward to hearing from you.

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