Nearly a month after launching our Quick Categorization, we have over 350 items sorted into one of three main research thrusts: Light Management, Catalysis, and Functional Devices. Over 50% of the publications have been categorized as “catalysis” publications!

June 2015 - Distribution of categories from Quick Categorization module

June 2015 – Distribution of categories from Quick Categorization module

Considering the number of catalysis publications in 2014, compared to photovoltaic publications in the same year, it is surprising that the distribution is not more even. However, once the maturity of the two fields is considered, the distribution should clearly be biased toward catalysis. The field of catalysis research has a near 30-year head start on the field of photovoltaics!

Acquiring the categorization detail for these 350 items would not have been nearly as much fun without our SOFI Knowledge Map users. Many thanks to those who have taken a few minutes to click through our Quick Categorization module and a hearty congratulations to our point leaders for June: Rebecca, Jason, and Dan! We would like to welcome our new users who created a profile in June; we are excited to have you on board. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make the SOFI Knowledge Map a tool to accelerate solar fuels research.

In July, are looking to unveil a updated Quick Categorization process, as well as new features for user profile pages. Check back regularly to see what is new!

Are you interested in helping categorize some of the over 61K items in the SOFI database? Visit the SOFI Knowledge Map website and start categorizing papers today.