You have been hearing about the SOFI Knowledge Map for a while now, and we are excited to tell you, the wait is over.

The SOFI Knowledge Map is open for contributions!

Do you want to have ready access to the facts & metrics you have read in the literature, but can’t quite find the time to create a database to organize it all? Check out the SOFI Knowledge Map, we have done the work for you!

Do you want to make the information in your own publications more accessible to the solar fuels community? Contribute to the SOFI Knowledge Map, and extend the reach of your research.

Built by SOFI and powered by the solar fuels community, the SOFI Knowledge Map is designed around researchers in the associated fields of solar fuels research. A solar fuels specific taxonomy drives a data entry portal developed to make entering data and metrics from solar fuels publications quick and intuitive.

Creating a profile allows you to bookmark your favorite publications, contribute data & metrics, and earn points for “Quick Categorization” items and data entry (coming soon).

Once you create a profile or login, you can upload your favorite publication through the DOI loader, or enter the information by hand. (We highly recommend the DOI loader.)

If you don’t want to bother loading your own papers, search the SOFI Knowledge Map database and see if it is already present. You can search via DOI, Keyword, or various unique facets. Search faceting is under development, so feel free to let us know what additional facets you would like you have available to you!

The data entry portal is accessible from each item in the Knowledge Map - just click the “Add Data” button next to the publication’s bibliographic information. After confirming the papers bibliographic information, basic questions direct you through the remainder of the data entry process.

The entire staff at SOFI has experienced the struggle to find literature with relevant information. Spending hours combing through hundreds of publications to find the few with a specific metric can be daunting and often fruitless.

The SOFI Knowledge Map will change the way you do research.