Presenting the SOFI Knowledge Map

Presenting the SOFI Knowledge Map

SOFI is pleased to present the SOFI Knowledge Map!

We’re giving you access a continually improving tool, designed and constructed to accelerate the field of solar fuels research through standardization and easy retrieval of essential data.

The Knowledge Map is much more than just a publication search platform. It’s a database built on a unique, community-driven taxonomy.

Field-specific metrics, identified and vetted by leaders of the field, are recorded alongside peer-reviewed publications. Participate in our Knowledge map and be a part of a community directly responsible for standardizing results and protocols. Imagine if facts were no longer embedded in PDFs. Researchers from around the world could more easily compare and discover results. That’s our goal.

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center (CCDC) is a role model for the SOFI Knowledge Map. It represents a successful, accepted practice in the research community where scientists provide detailed information of their findings, including standardized file formats, so the data is digitally accessible to others. In this vein, contribution to the SOFI Knowledge Map during the manuscript submission process minimizes the burden on authors and publishers, while providing a service to the community. We believe access to essential metrics will greatly accelerate the progress of solar fuels research.

Developing the right tools will not only change the way science is done, but provides a platform where other innovators can use the data for research and commercialization. One of SOFI’s goals is to use pooled resources from our members to develop programming and processes that move the entire field forward, agnostic to technological pathways. The SOFI Knowledge Map is one of those tools. We are thrilled to be working with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Nature Publishing Group, American Chemical Society, and our SOFI Members in these early stages to identify and address the needs of authors, publishers, industry, and frontline researchers. Please give us your feedback on this project—we would love to hear from you: [email protected].


Stay tuned as we release more Knowledge Map features

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